SNP urges cost of living focus ahead of King’s Speech

The SNP is advocating for a £400 energy bill rebate as part of their call to address the cost of living crisis

King’s Speech: What to expect?

The King’s Speech is expected to include a range of legislative proposals that address economic growth, energy security, Brexit-related matters and support for businesses in adopting new technologies

Will energy take centre stage at King’s Speech?

The legislative package will reportedly involve potential energy-related measures, including future oil and gas drilling in the North Sea

‘£1bn EV charging fund still unallocated after three years’

A £1 billion fund intended to expand the UK’s electric vehicle charging network, announced in 2020, remains unallocated after more than three years

‘Sunak’s heat pump rollout delays could cost households thousands’

Delays in the UK’s net zero initiatives, including the phasing-out of oil boilers, could impede the growth of the heat pump industry, potentially hindering efforts to lower household energy costs, according to a new report

CCC: UK Government’s net zero U-turn to hit wallets hard

The government’s own climate advisers have issued a stark warning that the policy rollback is likely to lead to a significant increase in energy bills for the public

World’s largest offshore wind farm powers UK grid for the first time

The Dogger Bank Wind Farm has generated its first power, with the installation of the initial turbine among the 277 turbines located 130 kilometres off the UK coast

Sunak faces backlash over proposed solar panel restrictions

Climate campaigners express concern over Prime Minister’s reported proposal to limit solar panel installations on British farmland

‘Prime Minister to revise car policy in local areas’

Rishi Sunak will reportedly announce measures supporting car owners in the UK, particularly through a reduction in 20mph speed restrictions

COP26 chief slams UK’s green U-turn

Alok Sharma, former COP26 chair, has warned that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s recent changes in green policy necessitate finding alternative emission reduction strategies