Thames Water sewage discharges affecting Oxford rivers upstream

Thames Water treatment plants, including those on multiple rivers and the Thames itself, are reportedly discharging sewage into almost every river upstream of Oxford, with one discharge in Witney lasting over 100 hours

Water company ‘admits to prolonged sewage spillage’

A new BBC analysis raises concerns of prolonged sewage discharges by Welsh Water

Environmental watchdog probes potential failures in sewage regulation

An Office for Environmental Protection investigation has revealed potential legal breaches, accusing regulators of permitting more frequent raw sewage discharges than regulations allow

Sewer overhaul: Thames Water flush with investment for upgrade plans!

The water company has pledged to double its investment in sewage-related infrastructure, committing to spending £1.6 billion over the next two years

Water companies to face ‘toughest targets’ to crack down on sewage spills

They will be required to deliver £56bn of capital investment over 25 years to tackle storm sewage discharges by 2050

Thames Water fined £4m for 30-hour waterfall of sewage discharge

The incident is believed to have killed approximately 3,000 fish

Southern Water fined record £90m for dumping sewage into sea

It pleaded guilty to 6,971 unlawful sewage discharges between 2010 and 2015, found to be caused by ‘deliberate failings’ and polluting rivers in Kent, Hampshire and Sussex

Environment Bill: New legal duties on water companies to tackle sewage discharges

During wet weather, storm overflows act to prevent sewers becoming overloaded with a combination of sewage and rain and release diluted wastewater into rivers