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Water bills proposed to increase between 24% and 91%

Water companies in England and Wales are proposing bill increases of 24% to 91% over the next five years to fund infrastructure improvements, including pipe replacements and sewage reduction

Water companies across England and Wales have put forward proposals for bill increases varying from 24% to a staggering 91% over the upcoming five years.

These figures, compiled by the Consumer Council for Water (CCW), reveal Southern Water‘s request for the highest surge, while South Staffordshire and Cambridge Water are seeking the smallest rise.

The primary aim behind these proposed increases is to secure funding amounting to £100 billion for infrastructure enhancements, encompassing the replacement of ageing pipelines and curbing sewage discharges into water bodies.

Criticism has mounted against water companies due to widespread leaks and sewage discharges, a consequence of what critics deem as inadequate investment in infrastructure.

A survey commissioned by Ofwat found that fewer than one in six customers deemed these proposed bill increases affordable.

Ofwat is expected to greenlight bill rises, likely at least half of what the companies have requested, with the possibility of even greater approval in certain instances.

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