Solar power shines in heatwave

The UK’s solar power output met up to a quarter of the UK’s power demand, according to a report

Yorkshire Water uses AI and IoT to reduce wastewater pollution

It has teamed up with the University of Sheffield and Siemens Digital Industries to develop an innovative blockage predictor solution, which identifies problems in the network quickly

Yorkshire Water testing sewage to identify potential new outbreaks of COVID-19

The results will help researchers understand the presence of COVID-19 in the population, including those who are asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic

Could these new materials help clean-up Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear plants?

UK engineers worked with scientists in Ukraine to develop the materials that can simulate those obstructing decommissioning efforts at the nuclear disaster sites

GE, Sheffield Uni join Catapult’s turbine powertrains project

The Powertrain Research Hub will support the development of future technologies for larger turbines and research solutions for improving reliability and performance

UK plant research facility granted £829k for succulent energy savings

The facility enables researchers to grow crops in environments that are similar to the majority of global climate conditions

UK breaks solar power record

The UK’s fleet of solar panels have generated a record amount of power today. The renewable source is now providing around 8.7GW of electricity, i.e. 24.3% of demand. The record was set at noon today, according to data from National Grid and Sheffield University. It broke the previous record set on 10th May, when solar […]

New flood of investment for UK water research facility

New investment worth £3.7 million has been announced to investigate and develop innovative ways to tackle the UK’s deteriorating distributed water infrastructure. The University of Sheffield is to host the ‘Distributed Urban Water Infrastructure’ facility as part of the UK Collaboratorium for Research in Infrastructure and Cities (UKCRIC) – a consortium of 14 universities. The […]

Sheffield Uni opens £3m nuclear research facility

A new £3 million facility for nuclear materials research has officially been opened in the University of Sheffield. Academics in the research centre will develop new technologies and “efficient and environmentally sound” strategies for the safe treatment and disposal of radioactive waste. The launch of the Materials for Innovative Disposition from Advanced Separations (MIDAS) facility […]

Giant battery tests to help industrial energy users

Scientists are experimenting with a giant battery to see how it could be used by large business energy users. The two megawatt (MW) lithium titanate battery from Toshiba is to be connected to the grid later this year. Sheffield University is leading the energy storage research project based at the Willenhall primary substation, near Wolverhampton […]