Finnish bus operator introduces voluntary surcharge for greener transport

Customers can decide on the additional charge, with the minimum amount set at €1 (£0.87)

EU approves €5bn Polish energy scheme, probes surcharge reductions

It will support combined heat and power installations connected to the district heating networks in Poland

Older, diesel vehicles in London could soon face parking surcharge

Westminster City Council has launched a consultation to see whether the move to improve air quality should be introduced

EU asks France to recover part of power bill reduction for energy intensive firms

It comes up to just under £38m out of the total reductions between 2013 to 2015

EU approves German offshore wind surcharge reductions

The costs of connecting offshore wind installations to the main electricity grid will be financed by a surcharge, which power customers would pay from 2019

Islington Council to introduce diesel surcharge for parking

Islington Council is to introduce a borough-wide surcharge for diesel drivers who use short stay parking. The £2 per hour charge, which will come into effect in early 2018, follows the diesel surcharge already in place for resident parking permits. Westminster has already been trialling a similar diesel parking charge trial this year. Islington Council […]

Energy charges for loyal customers “treble”

Never switched your gas supplier at home? You could be paying up to £90 more than people who have switched. New analysis from thinktank IPPR published earlier this week suggests energy companies charge customers they kept from their time as monopoly suppliers more money than new ones. What’s more this “surcharge” for customers who stuck […]