Hubbub pledges £300k for new coffee cup recycling facilities in London

The launch of the new facilities is being promoted with an immersive art installation outside the Tate Modern, which has been made using 5,555 cups – representing the number of cups used every minute in the UK

The Tate paints a troubling picture with climate emergency declaration

The organisation, which manages four famous art galleries in the UK, said it will make the issue of the environment ‘centre stage’

BP to end 27-year Tate Modern sponsorship

BP has announced it will be ending its controversial sponsorship of Tate Modern next year. The energy giant cited “extremely challenging business environment” for the move and told ELN it is “purely a business decision” rather than years of protests against the partnership of nearly three decades. BP said in a statement: “We are facing an […]

Mosaic art to electrify London substation

The art world is set to embrace energy once more – following in the footsteps of retired Bankside power station (or Tate Modern to you and me) an electricity substation in East London is to become a contemporary artwork. Artist Gary Drostle – whose mosaic-based art has won an international architectural award – has designed […]

Tate Modern uses waste heat from electricity substation

London’s art gallery Tate Modern (pictured) will soon get its heating and hot water demand from waste heat recovered from an electricity substation. UK Power Networks will use heat recovered as a by-product from its £60 million refurbished electricity substation Bankside. Engineering group Arup, which is also working on the project, claims the system is […]

Blog: my resolution? Tour every power plant in Britain

It’s a mad idea. Totally bonkers. But for my new year’s resolution, I’m going to visit every single power station in Britain. Just like many people over Christmas, you may well be asking: why? When I spend all week writing about energy, why the hell would I want to devote the weekend to traipsing around […]