Retailers offered cash for water efficient business customers

Thames Water will provide a one-off payment of 5p per litre per day of water saved for each of their customers

Thames Water to pay £80k for sewage pollution

The money is being given to environmental charity South East Rivers Trust to make improvements to the River Shuttle

Thames Water fined £2m after raw sewage kills fish

The judge ruled numerous failures in the management of a sewage pumping station were to blame

London businesses and councils offered £5m for water refilling stations

It is part of the mayor’s efforts to reduce single-use plastic bottles

Thames Water to pay back £120m to customers for leak failures

Each customer will receive a total rebate of around £15 over the next two years

Detectives hired! Water plan to tackle theft!

  Thames Water has hired a team of detectives to track down thieves stealing water from its pipe network. It brought in the squad following a dramatic spike in water theft – unauthorised connections have skyrocketed from 33 in 2011 to 734 last year. Currently, any unaccounted-for water is classed as leakage in end-of-year performance […]

Thames Water declares victory over ‘monster fatberg’

Thames Water’s nine-week battle against the “monster fatberg” in Whitechapel has come to an end. The fatberg below the east London street, found in September, was a solid mass of fat, oil, wet wipes, condoms and other sanitary products. The water company said the work took longer than expected due to the damage the fatberg […]

Fatty sewer monster found under London streets

  One of the UK’s largest ever fatbergs has been found blocking a sewer in East London. The congealed mass of fat, wet wipes, nappies, oil and condoms discovered in Whitechapel stretches for 250 metres and weighs 130 tonnes – this is longer than Tower Bridge and heavier than 11 double decker buses. Thames Water […]

Thames Water fined £8.5m for failing to stop leaks

Thames Water faces a maximum penalty of £8.55 million for failing to stop leaking pipes. Water regulator Ofwat said the failure to meet the leakage commitments is “unacceptable”. Leaks from Thames Water’s network rose by 5% in the last year. The missed leakage reduction target of 47 million litres per day – which represents 1.8% […]

Thames Water completes multi-million pound sewer

Work on one of the largest sewers in the Thames Valley has been completed. The multi-million pound project has been built to support 6,000 new homes at Great Western Park and Valley Park. Specialist tunnelling machinery was used to lay 1,200 metres of pipe – three times around an athletics track – measuring 1.2 metres […]