Thames Water fined £2m after raw sewage kills fish

The judge ruled numerous failures in the management of a sewage pumping station were to blame

London businesses and councils offered £5m for water refilling stations

It is part of the mayor’s efforts to reduce single-use plastic bottles

Thames Water to pay back £120m to customers for leak failures

Each customer will receive a total rebate of around £15 over the next two years

Detectives hired! Water plan to tackle theft!

  Thames Water has hired a team of detectives to track down thieves stealing water from its pipe network. It brought in the squad following a dramatic spike in water theft – unauthorised connections have skyrocketed from 33 in 2011 to 734 last year. Currently, any unaccounted-for water is classed as leakage in end-of-year performance […]

Thames Water declares victory over ‘monster fatberg’

Thames Water’s nine-week battle against the “monster fatberg” in Whitechapel has come to an end. The fatberg below the east London street, found in September, was a solid mass of fat, oil, wet wipes, condoms and other sanitary products. The water company said the work took longer than expected due to the damage the fatberg […]

Fatty sewer monster found under London streets

  One of the UK’s largest ever fatbergs has been found blocking a sewer in East London. The congealed mass of fat, wet wipes, nappies, oil and condoms discovered in Whitechapel stretches for 250 metres and weighs 130 tonnes – this is longer than Tower Bridge and heavier than 11 double decker buses. Thames Water […]

Thames Water fined £8.5m for failing to stop leaks

Thames Water faces a maximum penalty of £8.55 million for failing to stop leaking pipes. Water regulator Ofwat said the failure to meet the leakage commitments is “unacceptable”. Leaks from Thames Water’s network rose by 5% in the last year. The missed leakage reduction target of 47 million litres per day – which represents 1.8% […]

Thames Water completes multi-million pound sewer

Work on one of the largest sewers in the Thames Valley has been completed. The multi-million pound project has been built to support 6,000 new homes at Great Western Park and Valley Park. Specialist tunnelling machinery was used to lay 1,200 metres of pipe – three times around an athletics track – measuring 1.2 metres […]

Record £20m fine for Thames Water for sewage leaks

Thames Water has been hit with a record fine and costs of more than £20 million for sewage leaks. It is said to be the largest ever fine to be handed down to a water utility for an environmental incident. The fine imposed is for six separate cases, which caused “widespread, repeated, sustainable and avoidable […]

Australian bank sells final stake in Thames Water

Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRS) has sold off its final stake in Britain’s biggest water supplier Thames Water. It follows the 11 years of the Australian bank’s investment, with the 26.3% interest now to be owned by Canadian pension fund Omers and Kuwait Investment Authority. The companies snapped up the stake in Kemble Water, […]