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‘Thames Water nationalisation: Potential £15bn debt transfer’

Reports suggest that as part of potential nationalisation plans, the government is considering transferring the majority of Thames Water's £15 billion debt to the public, potentially resulting in losses of up to 40% for some lenders

The UK Government is reportedly considering nationalising Thames Water, Britain’s largest water company, potentially transferring most of its £15 billion debt to the public.

Details obtained by the Guardian reveal that under a Whitehall blueprint, lenders could incur losses of up to 40% of their investments.

Originally debt-free in 1989, Thames Water’s financial situation has evolved, prompting the need for a new management structure.

If implemented, Thames Water would become a publicly owned entity, akin to projects like Crossrail.

However, this move poses challenges and debates regarding public sector involvement in essential services.

A Defra spokesperson told Energy Live News: “As a responsible government, we prepare for a range of scenarios across our regulated industries – including water – as the public would expect.”

Ofwat and Thames Water declined to comment.

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