‘Solar leafs’ outshine panels in UK breakthrough

The new technology eradicates the need for pumps, fans, control units and expensive materials, while also making more clean water and thermal energy

US launches $83m energy efficiency scheme to slash bills

Thermal energy storage technology and efficient air conditioning systems will benefit from the grant

Google spin-off Malta raises $50m for long duration energy storage system

Its system can provide a daily or weekly load cycle by efficiently storing up to 200 hours of energy storage, though early systems will focus on current market applications in need of 10 to 12-hour durations

Dubai starts fourth phase of giant concentrated solar plant

The 700MW project is part of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, claimed to be the biggest of its kind in the world

South America’s first solar thermal plant online

A solar thermal plant believed to be the first in South America has now officially gone online. Spanish firm Abengoa designed and built the 10MW plant for Minera El Tesoro to supply clean thermal energy. Located in the Antofagasta region in Chile, the plant consists of 1,280 solar thermal collector modules (pictured) and has been […]

Is the Ocean key to clean energy?

Using the world’s oceans for energy could be the start to solving many other problems. That’s the view of the US based Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTEC), which has just launched a publicity campaign to highlight what can be done. The company which is headed by scientists believes the untapped potential from the world’s oceans […]