BEIS launches offshore transmission network review

It aims to remove the barriers for significant deployment of offshore wind projects across the UK

Mongolia secures $54m for power grid upgrades

A new project to improve the reliability and sustainability of electricity services in Mongolia has been approved. The World Bank’s Second Energy Sector Project will provide $54.4 million (£42.5m) to address bottlenecks in the Central Asian nation’s power grid by upgrading ageing assets and expanding distribution capacity. Obsolete and inefficient distribution networks have led to significant distribution losses of […]

Siemens open ‘dynamic grid’ to control transmission

Siemens has opened a dynamic grid centre to manage future transmission systems in Germany. The firm believes the pilot installation in Ilmenau is the first of its kind in the world and says it will be the answer to the growing problem of managing rapidly changing conditions on the world’s power networks. Grid requirements have already changed enormously – large nuclear […]

$40m to improve electricity access in Armenia

The World Bank has approved an additional loan worth $40 million (£23.3m) for a project that aims to improve access to electricity in Armenia. It will cover the cost of the rehabilitation of three substations for the nation’s power transmission network. The average age of Armenia’s power transmission assets is around 45 years and most […]

North-South energy divide has to end says Ofgem

Plans to even out how much energy generators pay to use the transmission network in different parts of the country were given a nod of approval from Ofgem today. At the moment National Grid charges all generators across Britain to use the transmission network in the same way. Some renewable energy firms have complained the […]

EU bank provides €215 for energy security in Greece

An EU bank is providing two loans worth €215 million (£181.6m) in total to help increase energy security and promote efficiency in Greece. The majority of it will go to the Greek Public Power Corporation (PPC) to extend electricity transmissions and distribution networks throughout the country and the rest to the Hellenic National Gas System […]