UK seeks input on measures to address carbon leakage

The government has launched a consultation seeking views on policy measures to mitigate carbon leakage risk, including a carbon border adjustment mechanism

Government urged to launch per-mile charging system for EVs

A think tank has proposed replacing fuel duty with a per-mile charging system, providing higher mileage allowances for residents in rural areas to maintain fairness

UK water regulator gets £11m boost

Ofwat has secured a funding increase of £11.3 million, allowing them to triple their enforcement capacity and hold water companies accountable for their shortcomings

INEOS boss: North Sea energy faces ‘death by tax’

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has expressed concerns over the UK government’s windfall tax on North Sea oil operations, stating that it hampers future investments and has poor returns

“Investors unimpressed by Sizewell C’s ‘sustainable’ label”

Major fund managers have reportedly said they remain unconvinced about the project’s potential

Will the UK business energy bill scheme cost a third of Treasury estimate?

By the middle of March, energy suppliers received £5.9 billion from the Energy Bills Relief Scheme, significantly lower than the £18.4 billion forecasted cost

UK wastes £500k on unused energy scheme

The Treasury reportedly spent almost £500,000 on an unused energy trader scheme and external consultants

UK response to US and EU green strategies delayed until autumn

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has said the delay will allow the UK to evaluate the EU’s response

Government blasted for wasting cash on EV tax reminders

The government is allegedly spending approximately £450,000 a year sending unnecessary tax reminders to EV owners who are exempt from paying vehicle excise duty

‘Diesel charged at nine times the price at pump’

Despite the wholesale price gap between petrol and diesel now just at 1.5p, if you’re filling up a diesel vehicle at the pump you’ll be paying 20p, new data has shown