Renewables industry urges government action to sustain global leadership

Scottish Renewables has called for urgent government action to bolster investor confidence and address sector-specific priorities, including offshore wind and hydropower

Scottish Renewables has issued a letter to Chancellor Jeremy Hunt outlining critical actions the UK Government must take to ensure the renewables sector maintains its world-leading position.

With a month remaining until the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, the letter emphasises the urgency of establishing a comprehensive strategy to boost investor confidence and attractiveness in the renewables sector.

It also highlights specific priorities, including offshore wind and hydropower.

The letter from Scottish Renewables underscores the importance of creating a level playing field for Scottish renewable energy projects.

This is deemed vital for reducing consumer bills, securing the nation’s energy supply and achieving its net zero targets.

In a letter to the Chancellor, Chief Executive Claire Mack writes: “High inflation and capital costs have been felt by the entire energy sector, placing significant pressure on clean energy projects and associated supply chains.

“These increased development costs are keenly felt in Scotland where offshore windfarms are 20% more expensive than those in English waters due to outdated Transmission Network Use of System charges, with catastrophic future projections announced this month by the Electricity Systems Operator.”

Energy Live News has contacted the Treasury for comment.

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