UK launches scheme to share real-time pump prices

The government has introduced the Pumpwatch scheme, which mandates all fuel stations to disclose real-time price data

Autumn Statement: Will there be energy bill support?

The government’s reported offer of £1,000 for allowing pylons in residential areas sparks controversy, with critics highlighting concerns about geographical disparities in assistance

“Energy price cap: 27% hit for low consuming customers”

Analysts note that the upcoming energy price cap adjustment is anticipated to impose a 27% increase for low consuming customers

Billpayers could foot the bill for energy supplier failures, warn MPs

The Public Accounts Committee has expressed concerns about the potential financial burden on taxpayers and the accessibility of energy bill support for those in need

New UK laws to strengthen energy security and advance net zero

The Energy Act 2023, the most extensive energy legislation ever in the history of the UK, was granted Royal Assent today

£150 energy bill payment applications open

Applications for a £150 energy bill payment under the Warm Home Discount Scheme open today

Lightning sparks explosive fire at Oxfordshire recycling plant

A lightning strike ignited a gas explosion at the Severn Trent Green Power plant in Oxfordshire, resulting in a massive fireball

British Gas continues offering 50% off electricity bills

Customers will enjoy a 50% discount on electricity bills every Sunday until the end of December, including Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, as British Gas extends its PeakSave Sundays scheme

REA slams approval of Rosebank oil field

The approval of development and production at the Rosebank oil field has been met with disappointment by the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology

Wind and solar could power all of Britain’s energy needs by 2050

New analysis from Oxford University suggests that Britain could rely entirely on wind and solar power by 2050 to meet its energy needs, challenging the notion that these technologies are impractical or costly