Air pollution ‘costs UK $83bn a year’

Air pollution is costing the UK billions of pounds every year in deaths and diseases. That’s the findings of a new report, which revealed premature deaths as a result of air pollution cost more than $83 billion (£54bn) in the UK alone. EU nations as a whole could save as much as $1.7 trillion (£1.1tn) […]

Air pollution blamed for 7 million early deaths

New estimates from the World Health Organization suggest 7 million premature deaths a year are because of air pollution. That’s one in eight of total global deaths, more than double previous estimates, according to the UN’s public health arm. It claims air pollution is now the world’s largest single environmental health risk and that reducing air pollution […]

Nuclear power has ‘saved millions of lives’

Researchers claim that nuclear power has saved nearly two million lives by cutting out fossil fuels. In a new report NASA scientists Pushker A. Kharecha and James E. Hansen calculate an average of 1.84 million human deaths were prevented by world nuclear power production from 1971-2009. The research which was published in the Environmental Science […]

Dangerous smog covers Chinese cities

Many parts of China have been engulfed by thick polluted smog for the second time in around two weeks. According to Chinese reports, visibility was lower than 1,000 metres in the capital city, Beijing and a few other provinces. This has led to more people in hospital with respiratory illnesses and has prompted city Governments […]

Indian city’s first solar water treatment plant

India’s capital city has had its first solar-powered water treatment plant installed. Operated by Social Awareness, Newer Alternatives (SANA), a non-governmental organisation, the facility which cost around $45,000 (£28,000) has been installed at a Government school in New Delhi to help under-privileged students. Reports claim the pilot plant is expected to produce 5,000 litres of […]

Fat humans “threaten the environment”

If the world’s population keeps getting fatter it could have a serious impact on the environment and the planet’s resources. That’s the warning from researchers who say the energy needs of people rise as their waistbands expand. A new report, called ‘The weight of nations: an estimation of adult human biomass’, warns increasing population fatness […]