EU consults on improvements to car emissions tests

The European Commission is proposing to increase emissions checks of vehicles in circulation as well as testing by independent and accredited third parties

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The European Commission has launched a public consultation to further improve the quality of car emissions tests to ensure more reliable results.

Its new tests for vehicle emissions in real driving conditions and the laboratory were mandatory since September last year following the Volkswagen dieselgate scandal, when the car manufacturer pleaded guilty to using a software that deceived emissions testing for certain air pollutants.

The Commission is proposing to reduce margins of technical uncertainty in real driving emissions testing, increasing emissions checks of vehicles in circulation and testing by independent and accredited third parties.

It also proposes to improve the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) by eliminating test flexibilities and introducing on-board fuel consumption monitoring for the first time, making it possible to compare laboratory results for CO2 emissions with the average real driving situation.

Following the consultation, which will run until 5th April 2018, the Commission will table a legal proposal for a vote by the member states.

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