Zero emission vehicles could be given green number plates

They would be entitled to drive on bus lanes in addition to green vehicles lanes

UK consults on radioactive nuclear waste management strategy

It applies to 17 sites owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) across the country

How much compensation should customers receive if taps run dry?

Domestic customers are currently entitled to £20 if they are without water for a day and an extra £10 for each 24 hours on top

EU opens consultation regarding decarbonisation strategy

It aims to help inform what type of transformations are required and how they should be carried out

Ofgem sets out reforms to harness benefits of EVs

The regulator is consulting on its proposals until 18th September 2018

UK mulls introducing ‘greener’ petrol at forecourts

The government is seeking views on whether and how it should introduce the E10 fuel, which contains more bioethanol than traditional petrol

Government launches consultation on small-scale, low carbon power generation

It seeks to identify the challenges and opportunities associated with technologies and projects in this area

Swansea Council considers creating energy company

It is seeking views from local residents on its proposals as part of a consultation

Ofwat proposes changes to transparency and governance principles

It is consulting on a new set of proposals until 21st August

Welsh Government proposes end to fracking

It is consulting on its proposals, which it suggests will be a ‘small, yet important step’ towards a decarbonised future in Wales