UK consults on interoperability of first generation smart meters

Currently, consumers may lose the smart services provided by the technology when they switch to a different supplier

UK to introduce deposit return scheme for single-use bottles

Consumers use an estimated 13 billion plastic drinks bottles a year but more than three billion are not recycled

Energy UK consults on standards for smart EV charging

Smart charging will allow drivers to charge their vehicles at the lowest price, through time of use tariffs for example and reduce potential impact of EVs on the grid

Spring Statement: Chancellor consults on tax charges to tackle plastic waste

Philip Hammond said money raised from any tax changes would be invested in developing new, greener products and processes

EU consults on improvements to car emissions tests

The European Commission is proposing to increase emissions checks of vehicles in circulation as well as testing by independent and accredited third parties

Ofwat consults on self-supply licence regime

The regulator believes the process could be “better tailored” to reflect the differences in the information it does and does not need for self-supply licences

Tighter rules for network firms to save £5bn on energy bills

The price controls will come into force in 2021 and are also expected to significantly reduce the profits made by network companies

Defra launches climate change reporting consultation

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) has launched a consultation for ‘reporting organisations’ to summarise their progress on climate change adaptation. Under the Climate Change Act 2008, the government is required to set out and consult on its strategy regarding climate disclosure, which will later be laid out in Parliament . It […]

Landlords face up to £30k fine for lack of electrical safety

Landlords could face tough penalties of up to £30,000 for failing to reduce the risk of electric shocks or fires caused by electrical faults for private tenants. The UK Government is proposing five yearly mandatory electrical installation safety checks for all private rented properties and safety certificated for tenants to prove checks and repair work […]

Ofgem: Reconsider suppliers’ role as primary route to low carbon funding

The role of energy suppliers as the primary route in funding and delivering low carbon support schemes should be reconsidered. That’s the suggestion from Ofgem in response to BEIS’ consultation on building a market for energy efficiency. Under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, suppliers with more than 250,000 household customers are obliged to help […]