Energy Vendors Association gets momentum

EVA aims to raise standards across the energy sector for both brokers and suppliers

The Energy Vendors Association is gathering backing. EVA was officially launched at our recent Energy Live Consultancy Conference in Manchester last month and aims to create a better standard for sellers in the sector.

Its aim is to make the sector more transparent and fairer to all, in terms of costs, customer service and charges. Anyone buying and selling any products in energy can join EVA. From suppliers and brokers, to LED and EV charging manufacturers. If you sell a product in the energy space and are committed to better customer service, come and join EVA.

Although Geoff and I are part of the founding committee of EVA and it will be supported by ELN, it is not our venture. We are working with former Guild Energy founders Karen and Paul Trepte and aim to recruit a steering group made of energy end users, manufacturers, DNOs, suppliers and brokers.

Why do it?

Well if you recall many years ago we at ELN were trying to see if a code of conduct could be brought to bear on the broker market. In light of the new atmosphere of regulation from the government, as we have seen in the domestic energy price cap, it’s clear that a sector that doesn’t clean up its act gets cleaned up by government.

So if we at ELN can bring the sector together as we have done, at so many of our events, for the good of the end user and consumer, why not do it?

I truly believe most companies in the energy sector are doing a good job and treating their customers fairly. What the sector needs to do is to show that in more direct messaging. Both through every day business practices and through the way it trains its staff to deal with the end customer.

Since the launch we’ve had several companies interested in coming on board and exploring the idea of setting up a BSI standard called a PAS.

Paul Trepte explained the significance: “The Energy Vendors Association is going to be a game changer in the TPI market place by promoting and sponsoring the development of a Publically Available Specification (PAS). This will provide a benchmark against which commercial consumers can assess the capability and transparency of the brokers and consultants that they do business with.

“This will raise the standards of behaviour and professionalism in the market and so improve consumer confidence negating the need for further regulation in the industry. Join the EVA and have your voice heard in the development of this future standard.”

EVA’s mission statement:

EVA believes that energy vendors working with businesses should self-regulate initially and do what is right for their customers. EVA will liaise with Ofgem to keep the focus on the business energy market, helping it to make choices about regulating it.

EVA is calling on any business marketing to business energy consumers to get involved and:

Work to the principles of keeping customers fully informed and ensuring they are treated fairly and transparently.

Work towards meeting a recognised PAS (publicly available specification) or Code of Practice on the retail sales process; published or audited by an independent national body such as the BSI.

Educate individuals and companies to raise standards of behaviour and service to customers.

If you’re interested in joining EVA click here


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