New standards for smart energy appliances published

The publication of the two new standards aims to support the manufacture and use of secure and ‘interoperable’ smart appliances

Global floating wind capacity ‘to grow 2,000-fold by 2050’

A new study predicts installed capacity of floating wind will soar from its current level of 100MW to as much as 250GW by mid-century

Energy customers to automatically receive £30 for switching issues

The new compensation requirement will come into effect on 1st May 2020

Tougher tests for new entrant energy suppliers come into effect

Suppliers must provide proof of sufficient funding for the first year of operation

Ofgem confirms rigorous tests for new entrant energy suppliers

The news comes after a wave of supplier failures over the last 18 months, many of whom had very poor customer service

UK Government to introduce new regulations for smart energy appliances

They will initially apply to fridges and freezers, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and battery storage

Energy Vendors Association gets momentum

EVA aims to raise standards across the energy sector for both brokers and suppliers

Air pollution below US standards ‘linked with higher death rates’

Death rates among people over 65 are higher in areas with more particulate air pollution – even in regions below US standards. Air pollution particulate matter is the solid and liquid particles suspended in the air including dust, pollen, soot, smoke and liquid droplets. A new report by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, […]

New US energy efficiency standards for commercial fridges

Businesses in the US are expected to save $11.7 billion (£7bn) on their energy bills by implementing the new efficiency standards set for commercial refrigeration equipment. The Department of Energy estimates the standards will also help cut carbon emissions by around 142 million metric tons – equivalent to the annual electricity use of 14.3 million homes. […]

US sets new efficiency standards for external power supplies

The US Government has announced new energy efficiency standards for external power supplies used in electronics such as mobile phones and laptops. They are expected to help consumers save nearly $4 billion on their energy bills and cut carbon pollution by 47 million metric tons over the next 30 years, according to the US Department […]