Sadiq Khan seeks dedicated energy supplier for London

The move comes as part of the mayor’s new environment strategy

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The Mayor of London is set to launch a tender to create a dedicated energy supplier for the capital.

The initiative is part of the recently launched London Environment Strategy, which aims for London to become a zero-carbon city and at least 50% green by 2050.

The strategy also plans for a 20-fold increase in the city’s solar capacity, with a target of  1GW to be installed in the capital by 2030, increasing to 2GW by 2050.

Sadiq Khan hopes the new supplier will be able to help achieve these goals, while providing competitively priced electricity and gas tariffs, offering high levels of customer satisfaction and using innovation to help Londoners, particularly those suffering from fuel poverty.

He suggests it must also integrate with other energy programmes, especially those focused on efficiency improvements.

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