EU energy prices remained stable in 2017 compared to year before

Electricity prices fell by 0.2% and gas prices fell by an average of 0.5%

Big Zero Report 2022

Household energy prices in the EU remained relatively stable last year, as electricity prices fell by 0.2% and gas prices dropped by 0.5% compared with 2016,

Between the second half of 2016 and the second half of 2017, average power prices fell to €20.5 (£18) per 100kWh – they were lowest in Bulgaria at €9.8 (£8.6) and highest in Germany at €30.5 (£26.8).

The UK’s power price came in at €18.6 (£16.3) per 100kWh.

Household gas prices fell by 0.5% on average to stand at €6.3 (£5.5) per 100kWh .

In terms of member states, the price was lowest at €3.1 (£2.7) per 100kWh in Romania and highest at €11.3 (£9.9) per 100kWh in Sweden.

The average gas price in the EU was €6.3 (£5.5) per 100kWh.

Taxes and levies in the EU made up on average more than a third of the electricity price charged to households in the second half of 2017 and about a quarter of the gas price.

The UK’s Big Six energy companies have recently hiked prices, citing rising wholesale energy costs.

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