University of Queensland aims to become energy neutral by 2020

A 64MW solar farm is to more than offset the university’s annual power usage

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The University of Queensland (UQ) in Australia aims to become energy neutral by 2020.

The Warwick Solar Farm, majorly funded by the Queensland Treasury Corporation, is expected to generate 154,000MWh power annually – sufficient to power up to 27,000 homes.

This is estimated to more than offset UQ’s current and projected future electricity use.

Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Peter Høj said: “The solar farm will offset UQ’s current $22 million (£16.8m) annual expenditure on grid electricity once it is fully operational in 2019.”

The AUD 125 million (£70m) project is expected to reduce 125,000 tonnes of CO2 annually and will support the university’s current green energy generation from 50,000 solar panels across its campuses.

It is also expected to provide data for research and experiential learning and create jobs. Additionally, UQ will be installing fast chargers for electric vehicles at the site.

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