New electronic waste tracking system to save US $90m a year

The new hub is expecte to reduce regulatory burden and save time and resources

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The US Government has launched an electronic reporting system to track the movement of hazardous waste.

The new system is expected to improve access to timely hazardous waste shipment data and save industry and states time and resources worth $90 million (£69m) a year.

Users must now submit all manifests, whether paper or electronic, to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) e-Manifest system.

Alexandra Dunn, Regional Administrator of EPA’s New England office said: “EPA is very excited to partner closely with the waste management industry to bring much-needed efficiency and modernisation to how companies track and manage waste and how they work with government agencies.

“We are confident that updating these systems will yield a reduction of regulatory burden, saving time and resources and improving protection of human health and the environment.”

Head of EPA Scott Pruitt recently resigned from his post – he is the subject of a number of investigations regarding the spending he oversaw at the agency.

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