Plans rolled out to deploy 2,000 hydrogen buses in China

Shandong Heavy Industry has announced it aims to promote hydrogen mobility across the Shandong Province

Big Zero Report 2022

Shandong Heavy Industry has announced it plans to develop and deploy 2,000 hydrogen fuel cell buses in China.

The firm, which has recently gained control of the Zhongtong Bus Corporation, is carrying on the latter company’s strategic research and development plan for fuel cell buses it launched in 2015, with the aim of promoting hydrogen mobility and slashing transport emissions across the Shandong Province.

The firm recently initiated its new energy plan for the automotive industry and saw its project to create efficient fuel cell heavy trucks approved with a special fund of ¥50 million (£5.7m).

It also secured a matching fund of ¥25 million (£2.8m) in partnership with Weifang City and has received a further ¥20 million (£2.2m) in support for the construction of a new energy park.

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