Heat-to-power firm hots up with €1.5m of crowdfunding in 60 hours

Greenstorc used a crowdfunding platform and cryptocurrency technology to raise the capital

A disruptive heat-to-power and geothermal energy company has raised €1.5 million (£1.3m) through crowdfunding in just 60 hours.

Greenstorc aims to provide a viable alternative to polluting fossil fuels, intermittent variable wind and solar and costly traditional geothermal energy – it says it can generate 24-hour electricity at affordable prices anywhere in the world without using batteries, by employing technology to significantly boost the efficiency of steam turbines.

It suggests crowdfunding with the DasCoin cryptocurrency allows it to source finance without diluting its shareholding or incurring significant debts.

DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias added: “Greenstorc is an exciting business with tremendous growth potential and we are honored to help them reach their goals and at the same time build value for our Das community with this unique approach to crowdsourcing.”

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