Cyber security specialist joins NIO Formula E racing team on the grid

Acronis will provide cyber protection, backup, disaster recovery and file sharing solutions

Big Zero Report 2022

A cyber security specialist has become an official partner of the NIO Formula E racing team.

The deal with Acronis will come into effect from the start of the championship’s fifth season, which begins on the 15th of December at the Ad Diriyah Street Circuit in Saudi Arabia.

The agreement, which is planned to run through multiple seasons, will see Acronis providing cyber protection, backup, disaster recovery and file share solutions.

Acronis will also utilise artificial intelligence to help transform the predictive analytics capabilities of the NIO team, helping it to deal with any unexpected events in the racing environment.

John Zanni, President of Acronis, said: “Acronis’ technology fits the busy lifestyle of motorsport teams.

“It covers all five vectors of cyber protection – safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, security – and offers unparalleled data management flexibility on the road and in the factory.”

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