Balancing infrastructure is ‘essential in moving to clean energy system’

That’s the suggestion from Pivot Power CEO Matt Allen

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Balancing infrastructure is essential to moving to a clean energy system.

That’s the suggestion from Pivot Power CEO Matt Allen, who told ELN Editor Sumit Bose his company is now focused on deploying technology capable of ensuring the UK can do just that.

He said although in an ideal world, the best route to decarbonisation would be starting from scratch, building battery storage first and then generation infrastructure later, this is obviously not possible.

The CEO added as a baseload already made up of renewables is not available, companies have to work with existing infrastructure, some of which needs to be phased out, a process he suggests is “not always easy”.

He said there was currently an aligned view between businesses, consumers and politicians that the sector’s direction of travel needs to be towards a greener, cleaner network, which must simultaneously prove affordable and secure.

With regards to when decarbonisation and battery storage need to really take off, Mr Allen said: “The time is now”.

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