Shell charges ahead with Anesco for Norfolk battery storage project

A 1.25MW facility is to be built at the energy giant’s Bacton gas terminal site

Big Zero Report 2022

Shell has joined forces with Anesco for a utility-scale battery storage project in Norfolk.

The latter company is helping build the 1.25MW facility at the energy giant’s Bacton gas terminal site, which accepts gas from five main offshore lines and is located 32km north of Great Yarmouth.

Anesco is providing the design, procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the system.

Executive Chairman Steve Shine said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Shell New Energies on this exciting new project in the storage sector.

“We have fully complied with Shell’s high standards of quality and safety and that is a massive compliment to the Anesco team.”

The project is expected to be commissioned by summer 2019.

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