Google, Facebook, General Motors and Walmart launch clean energy initiative

The Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance hopes to bring more than 60GW of new renewable capacity online in the US by 2025

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Business and renewable energy

More than 300 companies, including business giants such as Google, Facebook, General Motors and Walmart, have launched the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA).

The group, which claims to be the largest group of corporate renewable energy buyers in the US, hopes to help install more than 60GW of new renewable capacity across the country by 2025.

Through doing so they aim to implement a resilient carbon-free energy system where buying renewable energy is a convenient and affordable option for all businesses.

With offices in Washington, DC and Boulder, Colorado, the leadership circle of REBA represents annual revenues of $1 trillion (£763bn) and more than 1% of US annual electricity consumption.

Michael Terrell, Head of Energy Market Strategy at Google and REBA’s first Chair of the Board, said: “Every enterprise — whether it’s a bakery, a big-box retailer or a data centre — should have an easy and direct path to buy clean energy. Ultimately, sourcing clean energy should be as simple as clicking a button.”

More than 11,000 UK businesses are being advised to prepare for new energy and emission rules due to come into effect this April.

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