Greg Kavanagh

Director of UK Sales, Hudson Energy

Greg Kavanagh has been in the Energy industry for 25 years with his experience spanning from the residential sector right through to the large I&C customer space.  Working for several energy suppliers such as British Gas, Seeboard and Total Gas & Power, Greg has specialised in new channel development.

Greg spent his earlier years working through the deregulated energy market finding ways to maximise the new competitive landscape.  He developed innovative routes to market via new partnerships using newly created products that focused on customer needs.  He also built Small to Medium Enterprise channels into suppliers that previously focused on the larger end of the market, creating a channel that added significant revenue.

Greg now uses his experience to lead the Residential and Commercial Sales channels at Just Energy and is working closely with Save Money Cut Carbon to bring a fully integrated commodity and energy service fulfilment business.  He believes this will deliver on customer needs outside of commodity supply alone making it easy for them to achieve significant savings but also reduce carbon output.

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