Bristol businesses team up to power almost 3,000 homes with wind

Thrive Renewables and Bristol Energy will source 3.55MW of clean power from two onshore wind farms in Suffolk and Aberdeenshire

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Thrive Renewables and Bristol Energy have announced new power purchase agreements (PPA) for 3.55MW of renewable electricity.

The Bristol-based businesses say the clean electricity sourced from two onshore wind farms in Suffolk and Aberdeenshire will be enough to provide almost 3,000 homes with a reliable and emissions-free supply of energy.

They note the partnership will also support the city’s ambitious 2030 carbon-neutrality target by driving the growth of renewable power and making sustainably-sourced electricity more accessible to people living in the region.

The new PPA for the electricity generated by Thrive’s 2.75MW wind turbine at Ness Point in Lowestoft is expected to provide enough energy for 2,225 UK homes while the 0.8MW Auchtygalls turbine in Aberdeenshire will power an additional 700 households.

Matthew Clayton, Managing Director at Thrive, said: “Bristol declared a climate emergency and rolled out ambitious plans to become carbon-neutral.

“This means that collaborations across the city are now vital to deliver these goals and reduce harmful emissions. This deal is a positive step on Bristol’s journey.”

Bristol City Council has launched a consultation on two options for a Clean Air Zone as part of its efforts to tackle pollution.

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