Channel 4 to host UK’s first leaders’ debate on climate change

It is awaiting confirmation from Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage for the ‘Emergency on Planet Earth’ debate

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Channel 4 is planning to host the UK’s first ever Leaders’ Debate that will focus on climate change.

It is, however, awaiting confirmation from Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage for the ‘Emergency on Planet Earth’ debate.

Those who have agreed to take part in the one-hour special programme are Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, the Liberal Democrats leader Jo Swinson, the Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon and co-leaders of the Green Party Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry.

In a letter to Mr Johnson earlier this week, they said: “The climate and nature emergencies threaten everything we hold dear; the jobs we do, the health service we rely on, the houses we live in and the food that we grow and eat. The public are right to look to us, their politicians, for leadership. The ambition of our response must match the scale of the challenge.

“Hundreds of thousands of people have joined a campaign calling on us all as party leaders to debate what we would do to prevent runaway climate change and the destruction of our natural world.

“They are right to want to hear what those putting themselves forward to lead this country would do to tackle the biggest challenges of our time. That’s why we’re all committed to a televised leaders debate on climate and nature and think you should be too.”

Channel 4 added: “We urge the prime minister and Nigel Farage to show their commitment to this major issue and take part. We do now intend to accept anyone other than party leaders to debate and examine the climate crisis and the related issues of the environment and biodiversity.”

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