Investment platform raises £15m for African clean energy projects

UK aid-funded platform Energise Africa has already helped to reduce Africa’s annual carbon dioxide emissions by 100,000 tonnes

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An investment platform has raised £15 million to fight climate change and help African communities access renewable energy.

The Energise Africa platform uses investors’ money to buy solar power systems, which are then sold to households and businesses in Africa.

It suggests to date, more than 452,000 people have been financially supported to replace toxic kerosene with clean solar electricity in their homes, resulting in the reduction of Africa’s annual carbon dioxide emissions by 100,000 tonnes.

Some of the group’s projects are designed to supply lights for fishing in Tanzania, while others provide fridges for farmers in Kenya and help off-grid families in Mozambique access energy.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the UK International Development Secretary, said: “As well as helping to tackle climate change, Energise Africa, backed by UK aid, is also giving everyone across the country the chance to earn potential interest on their investment.”

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