Coping with Corona – Alex Goody, CEO of Gemserv

In the first of a new series, we talk to leading voices in the energy and environmental sector about coping with the COVID-19 pandemic

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In the first of a series of talks with industry leaders to discuss how the energy sector is coping with the coronavirus crisis, I chatted with Alex Goody the CEO of Gemserv.

We discussed business resilience and planning and how safety has to be the paramount issue for any employer, as well as his views on how the sector is coping with the crisis.

For Alex it wasn’t the logistics of moving more than 200 people to home working that kept him occupied, it was the people themselves: “It’s more about staff and fear. This is unexpected. We don’t know when it’s going to end, there’s friends and familes that are getting sick with the virus and it’s supporting those staff members get through this.”

He said they have changed many working practices, including introducing ‘online bonding’ sessions to keep camaraderie going and ensure business continues in terms of communicating with clients.

In fact communication at present, is more important than ever, says Alex.

“It’s absolutely crucial. Everytime I get on a call now, I turn on my video. I think that contact is really important to show people you are human and to get across the physical gap between us. I also think you can’t over communicate these things.”

As for the energy sector he believes we will get through this unprecedented challenge and perhaps find new ways of working.

“The industry is expected to be resilient and the regulator (ofgem) holds us to account for that and that’s why Gemserv has comprehensive plans in place for this.

“I think this event will advance moves to digitalise energy, any marginal provider may find themselves in trouble. I think it will speed up things around remote working and technology.

“I think, it also shows when people are aligned with government and the government takes strong action, then things can happen really, really quickly and if we took the same attitude to decarbonisation, things could happen really fast.”

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