India’s total solar installations reached 7,346MW in 2019

The nation witnessed a 12% decline in growth last year, compared to 8,338MW of solar power installations recorded in 2018

In 2019, India’s solar energy installations reached a total of 7,346MW.

This is according to a report by Mercom Communications India, a subsidiary of the US-based Mercom Capital Group.

Despite this growth, last year’s total installations witnessed a year-on-year decline of 12%, with 2018 registering 8,338MW of capacity generation.

Of the total output, large-scale solar projects accounted for an 85% share, totalling 6,248MW. The remaining 15% share was allocated to rooftop solar projects of a total 1,104MW capacity.

By the end of the fourth quarter of 2019, an additional 23.7GW portfolio of large-scale solar projects was commissioned for development.

The decline in the sector’s growth has been attributed to a plethora of reasons, such as elections, credit crunch, economic slowdown and a reduced power demand.

The total investments made in the solar sector in 2019 amounted to $8.2 billion (£6.5bn), around 16% lower than in 2018.

Mercom India projects an installation of 8.5GW in solar power capacity for 2020.

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