New Delhi plans artificial rain to tackle severe air pollution

Scientists in New Delhi propose inducing artificial rain through cloud seeding to alleviate severe smog and air pollution

‘Strong growth’ in renewable capacity in India

India’s solar and wind capacity installations grew strongly in 2022, while coal additions dropped significantly, according to a new report

IEA: Asia set to use half of world’s electricity by 2025

China will be consuming more electricity than the EU, the US and India combined, the Paris-based International Energy Agency has said

COP Champion says net zero could be hit in 2040s

Nigel Topping argues that bolder policy can bring the UK to zero-emissions ahead of its 2050 target

Global CO2 emissions in 2022 ‘remain at record levels’

Projected emissions from coal and oil are above their 2021 levels, according to a new report

Firm behind ‘UK’s first’ gigafactory reportedly faces ‘pre-Christmas collapse’

Britishvolt is allegedly holding emergency fundraising talks that could lead to the potential sale of the business

Global oil pipeline grows despite countries pledge to become greener

The US, India and China are leading the oil pipeline development, according to a report

G7 countries agree on introducing a price cap on Russian oil

The measure aims to limit Russia’s earnings from oil exports

Policy support ‘could help India add 23.7GW of wind energy by 2026’

Wind power accounted for the majority of the renewable energy mix in India, with 37.7% of cumulative installed capacity as of March 2022

Are landfills the world’s methane super-emitters?

A landfill in Buenos Aires has the same climate impact as one and a half million cars, according to new research