Are landfills the world’s methane super-emitters?

A landfill in Buenos Aires has the same climate impact as one and a half million cars, according to new research

Shell completes acquisition of Indian renewables firm Sprng Energy

The solar and wind assets acquired by Shell will triple its current renewable capacity in operation and support its 2050 net zero goal

New 180MW hydropower plant powered up in India

The run-of-the-river Bajoli Holi Hydropower Plant, built on the river Ravi in the Chamba District, supplies electricity to Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport

Companies might be asked for quarterly green plans to avoid windfall tax

New government plans could see business green investments scrutinised

Extreme heat in India and Pakistan could be seen every three years

Extreme heat in India and Pakistan could be seen every three years

Could climate change spell the end for Indian cricket?

India is experiencing some of its most scorching heat in 100 years – it’s hitting the much-loved sport for six

Shell acquires Indian renewable power platform for $1.55bn

The deal is forecast to triple Shell’s current operational renewable capacity

Boris Johnson dismisses calls for scrapping green levies on energy bills

The Prime Minister has said axing green levies could not alleviate the rising cost of living

Boris Johnson announces £1bn deals for green tech with India

These include software, electric transport and renewable energy

India’s solar output dropped by a third due to air pollution

Polluted air is stopping all the potential sunlight reaching the surface, a new report claims