Less than a quarter of Britons ‘agree with the classification of biomass as renewable energy’

Around 82% of the public believe other renewable sources, including wind and solar, should be prioritised for investment to help preserve recent improvement in air quality

Fewer than a quarter of Brits think electricity generated by burning wood from forests should be classified as ‘renewable energy‘.

That’s according to a recent poll by YouGov, which suggests a total of 55% of people disagree with the support of this source of energy as part of the UK’s renewable energy strategy.

Some 82% of Britons also suggest the UK should aim to preserve recent improvements in air quality reported during the lockdown, by investing in other energy sources, with wind and solar being the most popular options.

Figures also show only 8% of the public say the government should promote biomass using British forest wood, with just 3% believing the government should subsidise companies that burn wood sourced from forests overseas.

Sasha Stashwick, a Senior Advocate with Natural Resources Defence Council, said: “The views of the public are clear: Burning wood for electricity is both unpopular and destructive.

“It’s time for the government to end the wasteful subsidies for this polluting industry, especially when people don’t even consider it to be renewable energy. In this respect, our data shows a striking disconnect between government policy and public opinion.”

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