How could a smart meter paired with a thermostat slash monthly energy bills?

OVO Energy will connect smart meters with thermostats to offer customers energy saving advice through an app

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Could a smart meter linked with a thermostat reduce energy bills?

A trial project launched by OVO Energy aims to help consumers understand how much money and energy they could save by adjusting the heating in their home through smart meter data about their energy usage.

A small group of OVO Energy customers will be offered a tado° Smart Thermostat, which will be linked to their smart meter.

Once the pairing is completed, the consumers will be able to see and optimise the energy they consume through the supplier’s app.

The app is expected to provide customers with advice about energy usage – for example it will be able to tell them the exact amount of money they could save if they turned down their heating at specific times of the day.

The initial test is expected to be rolled out and available to all OVO Energy members in the UK in Autumn 2021.

Jessica Tan, Managing Director of Smart Home at OVO Energy said: “For too long customers have been in the dark on how much they spend heating their homes. By partnering with tado° Smart Thermostat, we’re going to change that, giving our members ultimate control over their heating and bespoke advice on how to lower the cost of their energy usage and cut carbon.”

Toon Bouten, Chief Executive Officer of tado°, said: “Together with OVO Energy, we are demonstrating how customer-friendly technology can have a positive impact on the environment as well as home finances and comfort.”

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