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Meet the energy expert, Carl Peat

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Carl Peat is an independent energy and carbon management specialist working in energy/ sustainability and carbon reporting for almost 20 years . Previously setting up and running a successful environmental management consultancy, Clouds Environmental Consultancy Ltd which was acquired by one of the UK’s leading SME energy and water cost management consultancies in 2012.

He has a strong track record of delivering positive change, Carbon and energy savings to hundreds of organisations across a diversity of sectors.

Carl has been a leading player in several regulatory and voluntary schemes, including European Emissions Trading Scheme (EUETS), Carbon Trust, and Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD); both developing products and services or contributing to high- level strategy groups.

He is also a subject matter expert in metering and monitoring systems including smart metering, IOT and software systems and analytics. He also brings strong knowledge of most technical energy systems both at supply and demand side, specifically refrigeration & HVAC systems, along with an understanding of the softer engagement related issues relating to sustainability.
Carl is based in Portsmouth and works UK wide & remotely. He joined The Utility Market Experts as an Associate in 2018.


  • Emission Trading Scheme
  • Carbon trading /offsetting
  • Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting SECR
  • Decarbonisation strategies
  • Carbon Management

If you would like to discuss his availability, contact Harry Matyjaszek or Stuart Dawes:

Harry Matyjaszek: 07527 206777 or [email protected]

Stuart Dawes on 07771 777902 or [email protected]

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