Nearly 44,000 trees to be planted near schools, hospitals and deprived areas

The government reportedly aims to plant 143 million new trees a year by 2035

The Big Zero report

Towns and cities across the UK will see almost 44,000 trees planted near schools, hospitals and areas of higher social deprivation.

The government has today announced an ‘urban tree challenge fund’ that will make urban spaces greener and will support the country’s net zero drive.

That complements a new ambitious programme, which according to reports will be published in the next two weeks, setting a goal of planting 143 million trees every year by 2035.

The new ambitious programme for trees and woodland is predicted to convert areas of natural beauty into forest.

Forestry Minister Lord Goldsmith said: “I am delighted to announce the reopening of this hugely successful fund, made possible by £6 million from our Nature for Climate Fund.

“Ahead of our forthcoming ambitious action plan for trees, woodland and forestry and to complement our manifesto ambition to have every new street lined with trees, the Urban Tree Challenge Fund provides a fantastic example of how trees can be planted, managed and enjoyed to provide the greatest impact – in areas where they are needed most.”

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