Asda puts CO2 in deep freeze!

The supermarket chain has deployed technology in nine of its chilled depots and saved around 1,100 tonnes of CO2 in the last four and a half years

Pathway to COP26 report

Asda has managed to freeze out large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions with the help of energy usage monitoring software technology.

The British supermarket chain has installed software that monitors refrigeration plant performance in nine of its chilled distribution centres.

The technology collects data from the plants, compares it with a digital theoretical model and suggests actions to reduce energy usage.

With the so-called Ethos software, Asda reported it has saved 5GWh on energy costs and more than 1,100 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent during a four and a half year period.

Brian Churchyard, Building Model, Engineering, Energy and Innovation Senior Manager at Asda, said: “We have made tangible reductions in energy use throughout our chilled depots whilst continuing to run our business as usual with no disruption and have not decreased our capacity requirements resulting in reduced operational costs improving like-for-like profit margins.

“These changes behind the scenes also reduce your overall carbon footprint.”

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