Sainsbury’s and Morrisons cut fuel prices

Sainsbury’s has cut the price of a litre by 6p which includes a 1p reduction in VAT

E.ON confirms energy bill increase from 1st October

Energy bills for customers on default tariffs are set to increase by around £139 a year

Wind turbine prices predicted to soar by 10%

A rise in steel, copper, aluminium and fibre prices are driving up wind turbine prices, according to a new research

EDF Energy’s customers to see 12% increase on their bills

The price rise will affect customers on standard variable tariffs

Asda puts CO2 in deep freeze!

The supermarket chain has deployed technology in nine of its chilled depots and saved around 1,100 tonnes of CO2 in the last four and a half years

Winter is coming again for energy bills!

Analysts predict default tariff price cap is set to increase by more than £100 a year this winter

Worcester Council backs study to investigate if River Severn could heat buildings

A heat network, which could utilise energy from the river, could lead to significant reductions in consumer power costs and CO2 emissions, according to a report

Poorest pay ‘three times more for their energy than the richest’  

New research shows lower income households spend on average £60 more every year on their energy bills than higher income households

npower’s Wayne Mitchell’s Energy Blog

Getting a better idea of the cost v benefits of shale As I’ve written before, there is no doubt that shale gas, or unconventional gas as it’s also known, has the potential to offer a significant economic benefit to homes and businesses in the UK. I’ll emphasise ‘potential’ though, as there is also no doubt […]

Prof Brian Cox predicts nuclear fusion future

What will the power stations of the future be? The energy world was given a startling glimpse of one possibility this week when Professor Brian Cox said they were likely to be nuclear – nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion is the process which powers the sun and has long been considered a safer way of creating […]