NI energy supplier announces second tariff increase

Power NI will increase its prices by 27.5% from 1st July

Big Zero Report 2022

Thousands of households in Northern Ireland will be hit by higher energy bills as the region’s largest energy supplier has unveiled a new increase in its tariffs.

Power NI has said it will increase its electricity tariff by 27.5% from 1st July 2022 – this translates to an annual increase of £204.

The move is forecast to impact more than 460,000 households.

The company cited “ongoing global issues” as the reason behind this change in prices.

Raymond Gormley, Head of Energy Policy at the Consumer Council, said: “This is Power NI’s second tariff increase this year and its biggest since October 2008.

“It will impact more than half Northern Ireland’s households many of whom are already upset, worried and angry about energy price increases.”

Mr Gormley noted that an estimated 53% of prepayment customers were telling Consumer Council they had to cut back on food purchased to be able to afford a top-up.

William Steele, Director, Power NI Customer Solutions, said: “We work hard to keep our prices as low as possible and have absorbed costs for as long as we can.

“Regrettably, geopolitical factors outside our control, have resulted in prolonged high costs in the international wholesale energy markets.

“Like other suppliers, we have no choice but to pay these increased costs, which feed into the price of wholesale electricity and have a knock-on effect on tariffs.”

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