Gas storage project gets go ahead in light of energy crisis

The project will provide more than 25% of the UK’s storage capacity and make the country far more resilient to future supply issues

NI big supplier increases prices due to rocketing energy costs

Electric Ireland said the change will increase the average residential annual electricity bill by €108

Northern Ireland lights up with £8m LED streetlamp scheme

An estimated 30,000 LED units are predicted to reduce the region’s energy consumption by 8%

Northern Ireland ‘has fallen behind in EV charging infrastructure’

Government data shows the region has the lowest level of charging device provision, with just 17 devices per 100,000 people

Bluefield Solar acquires £60m wind portfolio

It has purchased 109 onshore wind turbines with an output of more than 12,500KW

NI Water awards funding for research into benefits of large-scale battery storage tech

It follows six months of feasibility study, with the latest research identifying opportunities to use battery storage technologies within NI water to reduce energy consumption and cost, improve resilience and generate income

New consultation on improving management of industrial emissions

The UK aims to develop a tailored regime for better protecting the environment and public health from industrial pollution following Brexit

Northern Ireland switches on its ‘largest’ energy storage project

The 50MW project is expected to support Northern Ireland’s ambitious 2030 renewable energy targets

NI Water awarded £5m for hydrogen project at wastewater treatment site

The development of a 1MW electrolyser aims to explore how hydrogen could increase wastewater treatment system’s capacity and decarbonise it

Northern Ireland turns down SSE proposal for 118MW wind farm

Northern Ireland’s Infrastructure Minister said the environmental benefits of the proposal would not outweigh the harm to an area of natural beauty