Water Plus supports more organisations to save water and money towards more of the essentials – with competition

To help clubs keep future costs down and use water more effectively, Water Plus, the UK’s largest water retailer, is offering sports clubs the chance to win water efficiency devices

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Water Plus is also advising clubs to collect and provide a meter reading each month to their water retailer, if the water meter is safe to access, to help keep their bill amounts updated – with lower costs where less water is used. It also allows clubs to update estimated bills based on past use – and spot unexpected increases in water used, which can indicate water issues on-site early, like a leak.

The water retailer is also highlighting how it worked with a rugby club to reduce its water use by more than 35% in areas of its site this year, including shower rooms, by taking small steps around boosting water efficiency. Where less hot water is used there can also be energy savings too and less carbon emissions linked to a site.

With warmer weather – and a summer of sporting events and activities taking place, regular site checks at clubs will help reduce the chance of supply interruptions due to water issues on pipes.

Scott MacIndeor, Head of Advanced Services at Water Plus, said: “Whether it’s a sports club that’s already got water-saving initiatives in place, or a club that’s new to the world of saving water, we want to hear about it – and we want to help.

“Sports clubs are the heart of the community and provide a much-needed service and support to people of all ages. However, undetected water leaks can place an additional burden on clubs at a time when they should be focusing on getting back into action, which is why we’re offering advice and support by raising awareness on this – to make sure clubs are not caught out.”

Linlithgow Rugby Club said it has seen its usual water use drop by around 36% – cutting up to 600 litres on peak use days from 1.7 cubic metres of water a day to 1.08 cubic metres of water a day, as the club moved back into more normal operations and activities.

Speaking this month, Ken Richardson, Secretary of Linlithgow Rugby Club, said: “It’s definitely making a difference to ongoing running costs, as less mains water is needed for the showers, taps and urinals as we’ve made all of those more efficient. The management committee is also more aware of the water we use and where we use it – and we’re looking at how we could recycle more water for different uses at the club too.

“The support – and water-saving advice from Water Plus – has been really helpful, particularly having the water-saving devices installed quickly, efficiently and safely at the club.”

Scott added: “Many do not realise that small, slow-seeping leaks can add up quickly on your operating costs. Our work with this sports club also helped identify a trickling leak that was losing 12 litres an hour of water. These can be on the everyday items in a building like taps, toilets or showers.

“Underground leaks on-site can even stop water flowing at a site and can also cost thousands of pounds if they’re not found and repaired.”

To be in with a chance of winning the sports club competition, clubs just need to email: [email protected] and explain, in less than 150 words, how they’d benefit from water-saving devices. Clubs can also enter by tagging @WaterPlusUK on Twitter and using the hashtag #SportsClubSaveWater and #SportsClubWaterComp as well as tagging the Water Plus LinkedIn page – www.linkedin.com/company/waterplusuk and by mentioning Water Plus on Facebook – @Waterplusbusiness.

Three sports clubs in England will win water-saving devices that could include tap aerators and, depending on the shower, aerated shower heads, which fit straight onto the showers in your changing rooms. The shower heads have a flow rate of around 8 litres per minute, compared to the normal 15-25 litres a minute, making them super water savers.

For Terms and Conditions for the competition, go to: www.water-plus.co.uk/Sports-club-water-competition  .

If your sports club or organisation wants to explore the benefits and savings available to reduce running costs, email  [email protected] and include the subject heading “Saving water for sport”.

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