China suspends climate change cooperation with US

This is following Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

Big Zero Report 2022

China is putting a stop to all cooperation with the US on climate change and high-level military.

That’s according to a statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, following Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

Eight measures will be imposed upon the US by Beijing according to the statement, as a response to her visit to the country which China considers to be its own territory.

Trade restrictions and a military presence is currently in place in Taiwan – and Pelosi’s visit angered the government after it warned her not to come.

Nancy Pelosi is currently on a tour of Asia – Image: Alexandros Michailidis / Shutterstock

Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu called her visit “significant”, as it allows “the international community to understand that Taiwan is a democracy.”

He continued: “Taiwan has no jurisdiction over mainland China and the People’s Republic of China has no jurisdiction over Taiwan. That is the reality.”

China has been in dialogue regarding climate change with the West following COP26 and now looks to end any discussions on this topic with the US, to reaffirm its hostility towards the Speaker at the US House of Representatives’ visit.

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