Octopus unveils new tariff to help businesses save 25% on their annual bills

Self-generating businesses will be able to share green energy with other locations

Big Zero Show 2023

A new tariff offering from Octopus is predicted to slash business electricity bills by nearly a quarter every year.

Octopus Energy has launched a new tariff to help businesses with renewable generation to share the green power they generate on one site with the rest of their sites.

This could potentially result in lowering business bills. 

The new ‘Max Power’ tariff allows businesses with two or more sites to send any excess renewable energy they’re generating to their other locations in the UK.

The tariff works for businesses that have deployed solar, onshore wind, hydropower, geothermal or battery storage in one location and want to share it with their other sites.

Zoisa North-Bond, Chief Executive Officer of Octopus Energy for Business, commented: “Innovation like this puts money back in the pockets of British businesses and gives them greater control over how they use their energy.”

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