UK Energy Secretary hints at splitting electricity and gas prices

Grant Shapps has unveiled plans to eliminate “distortions” in the energy market, a move that could result in a £100 reduction in electricity bills

Octopus unveils new tariff to help businesses save 25% on their annual bills

Self-generating businesses will be able to share green energy with other locations

“Investment in efficiency is what will help keep energy bills flat”

Paula Glover, President of the Alliance to Save Energy has spoken to ELN about how the policies being debated by Congress will impact Americans’ electricity bills

Ofgem updates on its direct debit investigation

The regulator’s latest review has found that 99.6% of direct debit energy payments are set correctly

Shell Energy launches monthly prize draw for customers reducing energy use

The prizes will be awarded to customers participating in the firm’s scheme which supports National Grid’s Demand Flexibility Service

Half a million households have not claimed one or more energy vouchers

More than six million vouchers have been issued in the fourth quarter of last year for prepayment customers

Smart meters
Electricity smart meter installations slows down

Nearly 2.37 million smart meter installations took place last year, according to a report

Senior MPs claim thousands of pounds in expenses for energy bills

New IPSA data shows that top Cabinet ministers claim significant costs for fuel in their second homes

UK to unveil crackdown on forced prepayment installations

A letter will be sent to Ofgem outlining measures to tackle the increasing number of forced prepayment meter installations

Pools and gyms on the brink of closure due to rising energy costs, government told

The bosses of leisure centres have called on ministers to review the recent Energy Bills Discount Scheme