Vast majority of customers demand energy firms protect credit balances

A new survey found that nearly 86% of energy customers want their suppliers to protect their deposits

Octopus invites landowners to host wind turbines to lower their energy bills

The campaign is part of a wind tariff designed to bring local communities’ bills down

Octopus offers free electric blankets for customers struggling with their bills

The move aims to support customers in financial hardship

New price cap leads to website crashes

Customers are advised to call their energy suppliers if they experience issues visiting websites

Sleep tight, your EV is keeping the grid awake!

Nearly 135 EV batteries store and send power back to the grid when the supply is low

Will households face ‘Uber-like’ energy charges?

Households on ‘time-of-use’ tariff will be charged more to use electricity at peak times

National Grid ESO and Octopus launch grid flexibility partnership

The companies will run a two-month trial to explore the role of home energy demand during grid’s peak times

Energy suppliers react to Ofgem’s new price cap

Octopus and E.ON bosses talked about the “huge increase” in bills and the need for more measures

UK Power Networks gets top ranking in customer service

UKPN came fourth among 50 UK organisations voted for customer services

British Gas paid £160k for Warm Home Discount failings

“A significant number” of British Gas customers was affected by an IT issue