Uniper appoints E.ON UK boss as new CEO

Michael Lewis has been the Chief Executive of E.ON UK since 2017

Big Zero Report 2022

Uniper has appointed the boss of E.ON UK as Chief Executive Officer.

Michael Lewis has almost 30 years of experience in the energy sector – he has held various positions at E.ON, including Chief Executive Officer of Climate and Renewables and Chief Executive Officer since 2017.

Uniper currently operates seven power stations and a fast-cycle gas storage facility in the UK.

A few days ago, the energy giant said it lost €19.1 billion (£16.9bn) due to undelivered Russian gas.

The company said: “The formal appointment shall be made in a timely manner as soon as the entry date has been determined. His contract will be valid for a period of five years.”

Tom Blades, Chairman of the Uniper Supervisory Board, said: “It will take experience, a broad perspective and passion to anchor Uniper successfully within the new energy world. Michael Lewis brings all of those qualities to the table. We are very grateful to have him on board for this new chapter in the company’s history.”

Michael Lewis, Designated Uniper Chief Executive Officer, commented: “Uniper faces large challenges, but above all huge opportunities when it comes to shaping the energy transition. We will deliver this with utmost reliability and focus.”

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