UK emissions slashed by 3.4%

UK demand for coal is now the lowest it has been for 266 years, according to a report

The UK’s greenhouse gas emissions dropped by 3.4% in 2022.

That’s according to new analysis by Carbon Brief which suggests the main driver of the decrease was the growth of clean energy, above-average temperatures and soaring fossil fuel prices that suppressed demand for coal and gas.

Analysts note that the reduction in coal consumption was particularly noteworthy, with a 15% drop that brought demand for coal to its lowest point in 266 years.

This matches levels last seen in 1757 during the reign of King George II, according to the report.

Although emissions from oil increased, largely due to pre-Covid levels of road traffic and a doubling of air traffic compared to the previous year, the overall decrease in emissions from coal and gas more than offset this rise.

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